IO-Cars service offers technology solutions for innovative mobility companies based on the car sharing concept.
Public car sharing

Public Car Sharing

For Car Sharing companies, public transportation operators and car rentals.

Corporate car sharing

Corporate car sharing

For companies who want to reduce size and costs of their own fleet of vehicles.

Car sharing value added

Car sharing value added

For hotels, big events, and other business who want to create added value with a small, branded car sharing fleet.

Custom mobility solutions

Custom mobility solutions

For companies who want to tap into the connected vehicles digital services business.


Connected Car box

The Connected Car box is the in-car technology which provides that your vehicle is connected to the Carsharing system. It is a powerful platform for digital services.

Main features:

  • - 3G mobile Internet
  • - Powerful application computer
  • - GPS and 6-DoF inertial motion sensing
  • - NFC or app unlocking
  • - Straightforward installation
  • - Rich connectivity including BT*, WiFi AP*
3D preview of in-car technology device

3D preview of in-car technology device

User Front end modules and App

A suite of Front end modules delivers the Car sharing user experience out of the box. Your users can book vehicles and manage account with mobile app, enjoying in connected vehicle experience.

Main features:

  • - Vehicle localization and booking
  • - User account management and payments
  • - Android and IoS apps
  • - Custom visual branding
User Front end modules and App

Cloud and Fleet tools

The system does not require software installation and maintenance and it is deployed as a service from the Cloud. You can manage your fleet, create geo-fences and alert triggers, and do other back office tasks with easy-to-use tools and dashboards.

Main features:

  • - Real time fleet management and health monitoring
  • - Geo-fences and alert notifications
  • - Management of users and trips
  • - Billing and support tools
Cloud and Fleet tools - infographics


Car for use

Car4Use ( is the first carsharing operator in the Balkan region. The service operates in Belgrade, Serbia.

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